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Massage Rooms designs at Sheraton Miramar

Health club at Sheraton Miramar has 5 treatment rooms, with unique design originated from

deeply rooted tradition of Egypt and inspired by rich heritage of craftsmanship.

Each treatment room has exquisite selection of antique items, dated from the past century.

These rooms have been created to recall simplicity yet richness of "old days", dedicated tradition and genuine atmosphere of Egypt.


“Belong” is the first of treatments rooms, named with a word relating to Egyptian history, heritage, identity and yet representing one of the core values of our Sheraton brand!

Inside of “Belong room” is antique wooden panel, part of carved wooden door, which is dating back more than 100 years ago.

Panels are displayed on 2 walls of the room, creating sense of connection to “old days” and being a part of it.


“Nostalgia” is the largest of all treatments rooms, having 2 massage beds which are used for couple’s massage and body treatments.

Atmosphere of the room is cozy, and retrospective. Old wooden divan, with carvings at the base, in typical Upper Egypt old style, is positioned on a side,

overlooking framed photographs, as a reminisce of the past and its daily life.


“Patience” is one of the rooms, which is bearing a stamp of one of the oldest Egyptian art techniques, which is still used nowadays—weaving and tapestry.

On the of walls of the room, 2 pure woolen tapestries are displayed, hand made by an ancient technique, they serve as reminder what a great skills Egyptian hands possess

together with spirit of endurance and serenity.


“Jewel” room is very preciously decorated with pieces of antique jewelry used in traditional ceremonies and as a part of woman’s attire, worn on hands and legs, 

symbolically instead of the ring, as a sign that she is married.  Cuffed silver bands and necklace are exhibited In “Jewel” massage room, carrying “feminine” energy and precious values.


“Nomad” is last of 5 treatment rooms, carrying a “veil” of secrecy, something precious and distant, rare and alluring.  

Central piece in this room is Bedouin veil, worn by females, even until this day, in some remote areas of the country.

 This room is dedicated to very special part of Egyptian heritage, well known yet mysterious to Western world, carrying its own charisma.