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Relax and choose the right massage treatment for you

Among various massage treatments and techniques,  offered at the health club, most requested and recommended ones are: Anti-stress, Aromatherapy, Foot reflexology, Oriental and Hot Stone full body massage.

Massages description

Anti-stress Massage therapy heals the body and spirit through the skilled and sensitive nature of its practice.

Variety of massage techniques combined in one, designed to relieve stress and tension, restore balance and reduce muscular tension related to stress. The anti-stress massage is complemented with special oils,         representing complete treatment to body and soul.

Aromatherapy massage

Total relaxation of body, with use of scented essential oils mixture. It is combination of different techniques with pressure adapted to each individual. Essential oils help in relaxing the nervous system, and have very powerful calming effect on the entire body and mind.

Foot reflexology

Focusing on pressure points which are representing zone endings of  your body, this technique is convenient and relaxing way of achieving  full benefit. Foot reflexology is based on the principle that the foot is like  a chart, a mirror of your body. Specific manipulations and pressure on reflex points can restore a healthy       balance in the way of natural healing.

Oriental massage

Deep tissue massage, perfect for very active people. Its vigorous  rubbing and kneading techniques will help to loosen up tight muscles and relieve tension. Purpose of oriental massage is to ease stiffness and pain, increasing mobility and relaxing at the same time.

Hot stone treatment

This treatment is variation of classic massage with flat and smooth heated basalt stones, which are placed on key points of body. Stones retrieve the heat allowing deep warmth and relaxation, so therapist can work the muscles without using strong pressure. Perfect way to rebalance energy and detoxify your body from within.